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The OmniStream, the industry’s first designed and built single use system, combining a bioreactor unit working in conjunction with a fully-integrated, automated cell harvest/ clarification/ concentration operated from a single control and HMI on a single skid. The OmniStream system includes the option to install additional microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and/or chromatography capabilities in a “plug and play” fashion. Our design and manufacturing team works directly with your technical team to deliver the right solution. We pride ourselves on quality and timely delivery, and we have made our reputation on design engineering and customer satisfaction. Custom (and standard) single use systems delivered with full cGMP support documentation within 16 weeks.

Product picture
Specific Features
Working volume: 5, 10, 50 and 200L plus
Small footprint
Turndown ratio 3:1 for each reactor
Stirred Tank Mixing
1.5:1 and 2.5:1 height:diameter geometry
Low power input per volume
High mass transfer rates for bacterial and cell culture applications
Blend times less than 60 sec
Tip speed less than 0.7 F/sec
Low shear configuration
Superior Quality Bag films
Integrated Control System, with recipe configuration, data trending and alarming
Mammalian Cell Culture
Insect Cell Culture
Microbial Fermentation
Rapid mixing for aqueous and viscous solutions
Gentle suspension for micro-carrier applications
Options Available
Sparge element selection
Sintered SS, 2, 20, 40 micron
Drilled holes to 1/8 in
Combination sparger
Component Selection and bag configuration
Selections of Harvest, TFF, Chromatography
Control System platform
Design your system today
Choose geometric configuration
Review and tailor P&ID to your application
Configure your bioreactor bag and system to your own probe choices, media additions, harvest and sparge preferences
Configure your downstream components to your specific needs
Select gas ranges and control strategies
Choose your control platform
Select the components you want and we will gladly assist you in any custom integration

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