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Flowmeter Calibration Skid

Designed for use by metrology group to calibrate a gange of flowmeter styles and sizes using two separate flow circuits - each containing a calibrated mass flowmeter. The system is capable of testing sanitary style magnetic and coriolis flowmeters with flow ranges from 10 lpm to 500 lpm. Our systems are pre-engineered or built to your specifications.

Product picture
Flowmeter Calibration Skid
System Dimensions

72"L x 48"W x 82"H

Materials of Construction
316L Stainless steel tubing, 15 Ra electropolished wetted surfaces
Pharmacopoeia Class VI elastometers
Frame: Welded 304SS structural tube, #4 grained finish
Electrical englosures: 304SS NEMA 4X
Polypropylene circulation tank
Specific Features
Calibrated coriolis mass flowmeter standards
Sliding tubes to accommodate variable face-to-face dimensions of tested flowmeters
Variable speed centrifugal circulation pump
Fully drainable
System Benefits
Provides greater control over calibration schedule by eliminating reliance on outside testing company
Accomodates a wide variation in meter style, meter dimensions and flow range

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